What Is SLAM?

Our Mission:

To become the number one teambuilding and leadership training ‘EXPERIENCE’ in the world and to provide a fun safe environment for teams and individuals from ANY walk of life to develop key leadership skills that will help them with their goals & lives.

Our Vision:

By using experienced people who have applied the methods of effective leadership in some of the toughest situations in the world, our instructors are ex-military who have walked the walk in the military and in business, they are also leaders in their respective communities, we combine the ‘Best People’ bring them to the beautiful Vancouver Island, scenery unmatched anywhere else on the planet for breathtaking moments ‘The Best Places’ and have them teach a proven form of very successful, effective leadership ‘The Best Methods’.

‘Use the Best to Achieve the Best’

The History of SLAM

SLAM the brainchild of Gary Spencer-Smith an entrepreneur who served for over ten years in the Royal Navy and saw active conflict around the globe. After finishing his engineering degree he immigrated to Canada where after looking at the opportunity he had in front of him and deciding what he wanted to do with his new life; approached his cousin a successful business man on Vancouver Island and explained the vision. Without hesitation Craig Duncan was onboard and together they meticulously planned how the experience could be like no other and ultimately deliver the best leadership and training experience they could. Not drifting too far from his military training Gary was keen to ensure that the main instructors were people who had served their country as this way he could be sure that they really have ‘walked the walk’ and therefore could pass on real life experiences during the day to attendees. In a very short space of time they were nominated for various business awards ranging from ‘Community Leader’ to ‘Innovative Business’ and ‘Technology Leadership’. With amazing testimonials and life changing experiences for some attendees the only way you can benefit from this as with anything in life is to ‘Experience’ it.

 The History of Action Centred Leadership

‘Action Centred Leadership’ was first experienced by Gary when he joined the Royal Navy in 1995 as an 18 year old sailor, the leadership model was one which instead of ‘ordering’ people it uses effective leadership techniques which Gary quotes as “Getting people to do the stuff you want them to do and they do it willingly and take ownership of the task”. Being the backbone of how the Royal Navy, and MANY top organizations and companies around the world aim to run it focuses on three key parts, Developing the Individual, Building the Team and Achieving the Task. Founded by John Adair, who incidentally was the first person to teach Leadership at a university ANYWHERE in the world, it is a proven method that achieves results and when practiced properly and implemented into your daily life the ability of you and your team are endless. Challenges designed at SLAM show people how what they believe to be impossible suddenly becomes possible and easy when these techniques and strategies are implemented.



Like Riding a Bike…………..

We use the analogy of learning to ride a bike, we could take you somewhere and tell you how to ride a bike, we could even show you how to ride a bike, give you manuals, presentations and anything else you can think of, HOWEVER the only way you are going to learn AND remember is to go out and ‘RIDE THE BIKE’. Humans learn from experience, it’s what we gain right after the second we needed it! Well when you are at SLAM we provide the bike, the experience and the mistakes you will make (everyone does) and then you can learn from those mistakes, you will never forget them because off the unique experience we provide for you and you will always be able to associate you ‘bike riding lesson’ to rebuilding the Twin towers of Tofino, Crossing the river with supplies, rescuing pilots who have been shot down, and all of this while under fire…….. This is the way to learn and the way to remember, we learn from experience and SLAM will certainly give you one to remember.